John Cannon


John is an entrepreneur with a background in engineering and previously worked for Texas Instruments and Ericsson.  He is the founder of several companies including:  Symply Data Centers LLC ( offers cryptocurrency mining services.  Cryptocurrency mining is the process of recording and validating cryptocurrency transactions and earning a reward of new coins.  Symply Seminars ( offers free classes and seminars for the general public in East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.  Agatha ( is a patent pending mystery game where you walk in real life to make progress in the game.  Symply Health, Inc. ( a healthcare software company with connections to Turkey. Symply Health sells 2Morrow, Inc’s clinically proven effective smoking cessation product developed in conjunction with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

John has been interested in alternate currencies for many years.  A former colleague used to hand out Zimbabwe one hundred trillion dollar bills as business cards to make a point about corrupt central banks.  He is especially interested in helping people understand cryptocurrencies to take advantage of this great opportunity.  Email John at

Bobby Carr

Chief Engineer

Bobby is the core developer behind the Symply Data Centers technology. He has worked with IT infrastructure his entire career.  With over 25 years of professional experience, from project management,design, and implementation in the cellular communication industry to high density data centers, he brings a unique perspective to the complex and demanding nature of data center design. Passionate about technology and innovation, Bobby dedicates his time to improving current design and efficiency standards. As the head of our research and development division, he has tested and proven designs, leading the way to a more efficient and greener future.

Bobby can be emailed at