Our Promise

The Symply Data Centers Promise

Minimum Hashrate

Our product offerings are for 150MH/sec minimum hashrate.  The hashrate can vary between 155 – 180MH/sec per rig with an average hashrate around 160MH/sec per rig.  Due to standard component manufacturing practices beyond our control, we base our offering on guaranteed minimums, instead of misleading “hopeful” maximums.  Our products are built per order, and may contain varying numbers of components from differing manufacturers, necessary to meet our advertised  minimums.

The Equipment Belongs to You

You are not buying into a market or equipment share.   If you want to terminate your mining agreement, you can sell the equipment and recover part of your initial investment.  For customers who own a single rig, Symply Data Centers offers a buyback program.  You are always in control of your property.

Quality Components

We do not use “knock off” or generic brands in our products.  We only purchase top quality name brand components.  This ensures stability, efficiency, build quality, and resale value.  We will never substitute low quality components in our products.  We would rather not make “the sale” than fill an order that will not perform as we represent.

How we select Equipment:

Power Supplies

  • 80+ platinum certified (96% efficiency) 
  • Reduced overhead wattage
  • High efficiency PSU ensures the lowest possible ongoing operating cost


  • Chosen to best fit your specific needs
  • Superior stability
  • Years of hardware experience
  • Compatibility


  • Intel i3 or better
  • PCI-E compatibility issues can arise with use of lower generation processors
  • Low watt solutions increasing rig overall efficiency


  • (2) 4 GB DDR4 modules per 150MH unit
  • Dual channel configuration to meet motherboard manufacturer specifications
  • Increased RAM capacity to support multiple GPU configurations


  • 240 GB or larger  
  • Increased performance and system speed


  • AMD RX 5xx series or better
  • Tuned for efficiency to deliver best hashrate versus power consumption
  • We never over tune GPU beyond their capabilities
  • Proper tuning of GPUs reduces heat, lowers wattage use, and increases life expectancy of your equipment
  • Our engineering model is built on a per GPU tuning method

Testing and Quality Control Standards

  • Every component is carefully inspected and tested to ensure proper operation


  • Visual inspection of product to ensure there are no defects or shipping damage
  • Verification of proper operation of component cooling solution at idle, and full load

Testing and quality control:

  • POST  (power on self test) to verify component firmware integrity
  • PSU (pre) installation load testing
  • HDD/SSD full integrity diagnostic suite
  • Operating system installation full diagnostic suite
  • Network component and connectivity diagnostics suite
  • (Pre) programing phase “Burn-in” 4 hour test, to isolate any problematic or faulty equipment. This includes voltage, temperature, and error monitoring
  • (Post) programing phase idle and load 4 hour test
  • Final 24 hour stability test